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Rocks that we love!

We have updated our product this week with some bracelet with special rocks on it. We got the idea from healing crystals.

During these few week we have a bit addicted to meditation pratices, one of the thery is that natural crystals and rocks have the pure energy from our planet, some people said they carry each special energy by vibration, some said rocks use other form of energy that we human have not yet spotted. We are not going through this today, we are not rock experts, not yet! If you wanted to looked more on these item, MeditationKits are great choice for starters, go take a look.

Things that we are really into is we found a physical item to focus on is really help us meditate going to another level. So we started to beleved rocks, crystals, and energy stuff, because we think ancient human uses this method for a good reason.

Anyways, we have these great thing ready for you right now! You can find it in our online store. It carried our best wishes to you! Hope you people like it. Chakra empower bracelets

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