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SAP and the background story

SAPAREA was created for someone who spent too much time finding simple, chic, fun jewelry, and fashion accessories that can show 'you' without adding too much to make you look like a Christmas tree. And I wanted to create a place for those who can shop for only themselves, those origin joy of shopping. Trading a few of your coins for my detail crafted with good material jewelry with gemstones and pearls on it.
I spent half of my time in Vancouver, starting as an international student. There weren't many places where I can find simple well-designed accessories at a friendly price, things about branded luxury jewelry are 1) Can't afford to purchase too much 2) They use too much gold, platinum, diamonds, and stones I don't think that need to be that expensive 3) Always asking is this shopping for a special occasion?
Not long ago, I took a trip back to China. I visited a place that is the manufacturer of most branded fashion items, fine jewelry, and accessories in the world. I got in contact with one of the top manufacturers who accept to do business with a small amount like me. With their help, quality materials and experienced craftsmanship ensure that the quality of the product I delivered is in the higher tier of the market.
'SAP' is short for something that I wanted to deliver to my customers. If you are those who shop for yourself like I was, taking care of yourself type of living spirit, I will make sure you receive the package and know that you do a really good job on it.
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